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Before an ambulance can be sent to your location, an emergency medical dispatcher is responsible for taking down vital information, assessing the situation and providing pre-arrival medical help over the phone. SUA dispatches all calls "in-house" from our headquarters.

A paid student dispatcher is available to answer the phone and assist you whenever necessary. All dispatchers are trained by dispatch trainers within the organization and are required to take a national certification course to be recognized emergency medical dispatchers.

Jenny-Lee Aciu   
Evie Brooks Trainer  
Matthew Gesner   
Hamish Gibbs   
Skyler Gold Progression  
Hannah Harrison Progression  
Eric Harris  
Caitlin Hewitt   
Rachel Kester Progression  
Brian Kievit Progression  
Lily Kim Trainer  
James KontoulesProgression  
Ben Kosalek Progression  
Courtney Kubiak Progression  
Paola Louzado   
Alec Massood Trainer  
Emilee Mercuri   
Natalie Montesano Trainer  
Mackenzie Moranz Trainer  
Megan Panebianco   
Corey Reiner   
Karrin Rutledge Progression  
Doug Scaffidi   
Ilana Siegal Progression