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Syracuse University Ambulance is proud to have a range of ambulances, transport vehicles and crisis management equipment designed and used to help respond to any kind of emergency on campus. In addition to our two ALS ambulances, the newest purchased in 2013, we also have a Supervisor's first responder SUV, an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) trailer and four medical transport vans.

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    2009 Road Rescue Class III Ford F450

    The newest vehicle in the SUA fleet, A1 is a fully equipped ALS ambulance. Special features include LED emergency lighting, LED-backlit cabinet and a pulsing howler siren.

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      Medix EcoLine Ford E350

      A fully equipped ALS ambulance, A2 is the newest ambulance in the SUA fleet joining in the summer of 2013. Special features include harness seat belts, full LED emergency lighting, a keypad for easy locking and unlocking, and a smoother, quieter gas engine.

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        2014 Ford Expedition XLT

        A fully equipped first responder fly car, S4 is the newest vehicle in SUA's fleet. For critical incidents on campus, an SUA supervisor will respond in addition to the ambulance to provide additional assistance. Special features include a mobile command center, radio interoperability with county units and selective LED emergency lighting. S4 is also used to transport the MCI trailer to the large-scale emergencies.

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          2010 Ferno Support Trailer

          On standby at all times, the medical support unit is filled with responder bags, medical supplies, backboards and triage equipment to support major events such as mass casualty incidents, large structure fires or big spectator events. SUA's MSU is one of only two trailers in Onondaga County.